Biological results

First, we must consider the global Priore s' radiation.
The influence of some of its components will be studied further.

Diagram of the " lamp"

Priore’s laboratory

General diagram of one of Priore’s apparatuses belonging to the latest generation

Hundreds of experiments have been done. They mainly concerned infections and tumors : mice, rats and small mammals will be discussed in more detail in a following chapter.

Priore has treated and healed thousands of animals during 30 years collaborating with the most famous French and European biologists ( the human cases will be discussed in another chapter ; however interesting they might be, they don’t determine how it actually happens).

Priore could alter his apparatus as he wanted in order to worsen or to cure the majority of tumors. Once the animal was healed, it became resistant to the implantation of the tumor, when the tumor was implanted again, but was completely unprotected against another one. In this case we can talk about selective immunity.

The same phenomenon occurs in cases of experiments concerning infection.

The most relative success when it comes to human beings, particularly concerning profound cancers, can be explained due to the fact that his apparatus’s, lack power for example when it comes to differences in weight.

Priore spent all his life trying to increase this power.

Most of the experiments he carried on animals did nothing for him but acted as demonsrations for his partners

1 - The two Priore's effects

Following the radiation characteristics, the effect is totally the opposite( see technical aspects). In order to make things easier to understand we will talk about a favourable field and a noxious field.

For many years, Priore has systematically tested these two fields on different models. Thus, the apparatus were designed in such a way, so that they could produce endlessly the two effects In 1965 ; Priore changed his diagrams slightly ( see patent ) and focused on the favourable effect

So, in the following experiments :

1 - Plants

Within the noxious field, a few minutes under the apparatus terminal lamp, is sufficient to dry every plant without raising the temperature ; when the field was reversed, a few seconds is needed for the adjustment to happen, the plants were revived and stood up within a few minutes.

On the one hand, if young shoots are cured with short daily sessions for a number of days, we cause a spectacular acceleration in growth or death depending on which field was used.

Only a reversal of the potential gradient necessary to raise the sap can explain this phenomenon. In any case, no temperature variation can explain it ( like in a micro-wave).

2 - Bacteria and mould

As early as 1952, Professor Moureau from the University of Bordeaux, showed that bacteria used in the apparatus did not develop. They were not killed but « inactivated », as if they were sleeping. We can compare this phenomenon to the successful experiments concerning microbial sterilisation used for industrial preserving. When this revolutionary method is in full swing it requires an intense electric field.

By inverting the fields, microbial proliferation is favoured.

3 - Eggs

According to the type of Priore s' field the results are radically differents:

By putting eggs in a favourable field for a few minutes each day shortens the egg-hatching period by many days. The chicks extraordinarily grow into enormous chickens.

In a noxious field most embrios died in the egg, only few chicks will be born, they will be minuscule and not one of them will survive.

N.B. These results must be compared with more recent ones such as those by Professor Bassett, a famous American surgeon. In order to build an apparatus for consolidating fractures, he has tested eggs in different electric fields and witnessed an exceptional acceleration in the development of embrios.

4 - Les tumors

Eggs in incubation : a tumor graft on the membrane of chicken embrios.

A set of chicken embrios were put in to a « favourable » field for five minutes a day and resulted in a 100% normal birth rate of strong chicks in 21 days. No trace of the tumor graft was found.

The second set of chicken embrios were put in a noxious field in the same conditions as the last set . No birth occured at all in 21 days, which is normal. All the chicks were dead, however the tumor had developped normally.

Rats and others anmals carrying cancers

Most of experiments have been carried out in favourable fields. The noxious fields only count for a small therapeutic interest. However the therapeutic properties they possess for diminishing the « cells’ vitality », motivated other anticancer vaccination attempts by putting tumoral cells into the body , cells treated previously by these fields.These fields are used for regulation and adjustments. Their inverted effects allow to reinforce the demonstrations.

A series of experiments dealing with hundreds of rats diagnosed as having incurable tumors were carried out in collaboration with other cancerologists in Bordeaux towards the end of the 1950’s. Most of these experiments were done within the favourable field.They showed the definitive ans systematic disappearance of tumors in 95% of the cases. On the other hand, the noxious field precipitated death by accelerating tumoral development.





























Conclusion :

Plants, bacteria, yeast, eggs, tumors and tissues, generally respond to « Priore’s field» by stimulated development or by being slowed down.: It all depends on whether the experiment takes place in noxious or favourable field.Such properties are linked to technical characteristics which make up Priore’s real secret. They’ll be discussed in another chapter.

Be aware that the doses of absorbed irradiation are ridiculous compared to the obtained effects.This leads us to question current protection norms and about the pertinency of certain studies concerning non-ionizing radiations( TV, mobile phones,…) essentially founded on the level of power absorbed by the body.

2 - The mechanism of biological action

A - The direct action on the permeability of the cellular membrane is due to the disturbance of enzimatical reactions.

PH and enzymes : the foundation of Priore’s effects according to Fournier’s research : a little bit of biochemistry.

At the beginning of the 1950’s, Priore , whose apparatus’s have been designed for food preserving didn’t have any notion of Biology. The functions of radiation was studied by his main collaborators and a friend of his, Doctor Fournier. Fournier was a country G.P. ans had a solid knowledge of Biochemistry. He led a series of experiments on different organic liquid foods such as wine, oils, vinegar, champagne, beer, blood,…His remarks equalled those made 20 years ago by G.Lakovsky.

This very controversial French scientist, tested on these same liquids an electromechanical wave transmitter, called a « radio-cellulo-oscillator ».

This apparatus had astonishing points in commun with Priore’s apparatus (who ignored its existence). It was used for cancer patients at « La Salpêtrière’s Hospital » in Paris and in Italy in the 1930’s. It allowed several remissions and healings.

Fournier measured up various characteristics, particularly surface tension and the ph ( i.e. the acidity rate).

He observed that the « treatment » speeded up the wines’ ageing process inceredibly and it improved the organoleptical qualities of several products.

Particles which were suspended in new treated wine, sedimentated within a few seconds instead of several days.

Champagne sparkles and beer foams at the point where they overflow quickly and generally speaking emulsions agglomerate.

This phenomenon linked to a fall in the surface tension of these large molecules, show a change in their electric charge, measured by the variation of the ph rate.

The ph variation can reach up to two points above or below the equilibrium point, which is enormous for certain « living » organic liquids.

The sense of this variation depends on the kind of field used : a diminishing variation within the noxious field means acidification and increasing variation means alcalinisation in a favourable field.

The variation of the ph level is essential under the influence of Priore’s field. It leads to the rational explanation of the biochemical effects made by the apparatus.

Fournier made the assumption that by changing the electric charge of the membrane by + or by – particularly concerns the surface enzimes which are the keys of the cellular functioning.

Huge proteins control the entry or exit of ions and different molecules absorbed or secreted by the cell, and its exchanges with the external environment, briefly That’s what we call cellular permeability.

These enzimes are very sensitive to the electric charge they carry. A slight variation of the electric charge in one sense or in another around the equilibrium point, the isoelectric point, generates enormous differences in efficiency, it can even generate a reversal of the reactions they control. We can thus influence enormously a reaction either by accelerating or by simply reducing or altering the polarisation. Therefore, by altering the electric charge of the big proteins of the membrane, Priore’s fields can change their permeability.

He proved his hypothesis on the fermentation of new wine. He observed a variation in the ph level which depended on the field used :

New wine is caracterised by presence of living yeast which transforms alcohol into sugar by the means of well-known enzimatical reactions. This is called fermentation.

Fournier used an unusual method which consisted of accelerating, stopping or reversing, then resetting endlessly this fermentation according to the type of the field which was applied( the adjustments were pre-established, it was possible to switch from one field to another within a few seconds).

Aims of the radiation can be found in the level of the enzimes which direct the vital biochemical reactionsof the cell in different manners according to the strength and the sign of their electric charge.

Other arguments which confirm the direct action :

Wine and champagne : the acceleration of the ageing process, the alteration of ph levels by direct action,the result being no more yeast.

Bacterial inactivation : after being exposed to the Priore’s fields, the cultured bacteria didn’t grow. They become cysts ( Professor’s Moureau experiments). They must be compared to today’s techniques which use the pulsational electric fields.

Eggs : according to the type of the field, the embrionic development is either stimulated or stopped sharply leading to the death of the chick before it is hatched.

Cellular cultures : (experiments carried out by the English )

The exposure to the « favourable field » had little effect on the growth of the normal cells but slowed down the growth of the cancerous cells according to their colony. Their apoptosis rate was multiplied by 3 (15%). Apoptosis is a kind of death of the cell depending upon external conditions.

conclusion :

These alterations of the permeability at the level of the membrane by direct action suffise to influence simple organisms like bacteria, yeasts, etc. (it should be connected to the present technique of electroporation).

The action of the cancer cells outside the body is nevertheless partial.

Now, hundreds of animals will be healed of incurable tumors or of deadly infections.So, the main mechanism is elsewhere. It is indirect. It will take 10 years to be discovered by Professor Pautrizel : it is about an intense stimulation or a collapse of the bodies defenses.

B - The indirect action goes through the immunity system

Experimental arguments

They come from hundreds of experiments done by the best University biologists( see annex ).All of them were done in favourable field.

There are two main immunity types :

- Cellular immunity: the competent cells destroy the tumor and the bacteria directly

- Humoral immunity : brings about the secretion of antibodies directed against the ennemy.

- both systems cooperate.

Following his adjustments, Priore could act preferentially on any one on these types of immunity.

Cancers : immunity of the cellular type : Pr Courrier experiments

Under his direction, many conferences at the Academy of Sciences talked about the healing of incurable tumors within a varied time. In short, the tumor’s speed of resorbtion depends on the time and power of irradiation. It’s about tumors which develop very rapidly and which are resistant to any therapy. They cover the different types of solid tumors and limp tissues. After being healed, animals are resistant to the reimplantion of a tumor of the same kind. On the contrary, a tumor of a different kind, will develop easily.So, there is a specificity of the immune protection.

humoral immunity : antibodies : Dr Pautrizel experiments on the "trypanosome"

The demonstration of the anticancer radiation in action is the work of cancerologists from Bordeaux and Paris. The demonstration of the immune mechanism came from R. Pautrizel.

He used the trypanosome, a parasite agent of the sleeping desease which kills African herds. When trypanosome is injected in to mice, there is a violent multiplication. Animals die within 4 or 5 days. By doing ten or so experiments, he will cure thousands of mice, confirming thus the extraordinary performances of the apparatus.

Mainly he demonstrated and made clear how the immune mechanism worked :

The healing rate depends on on the time of irradiation and the power of the apparatus. Antibodies against the parasite increased spectacularly under treatment.

Besides the antibodies’ rate along with other experiments confirm how the immune system works: after being cured, mice resist perfectly to a new infection by the parasite, but they resist less to a different one and do for the rest of their life. In this case, there is a very specific action.

The injection of a very small quantity of serum taken from cured animals and put into other animals, protects them against the infection.The action of the field requires at least a good immune system. If we weaken the immune system by chemiotherapy, or if we treat baby mice which have an immature immune system, the action will be either incomplete or non-existant.

The irradiation of the trypanosomes out of the body does not affect them. If afterwards, we inject the trypanosome back into the to mice, the infection will have the same degree of seriousness.

Similarly, if parasites locked in a minuscule chamber - impermeable to the antibodies of the mouse, were implanted under the skin of the mouse, the trypanosomes would multiply normally despite irradiation.

Another kind of experiment was done with the latest apparatus : if we treated mice injected with the only antigen of the parasites and put them in a field, they will develop a considerably superior rate of antibodies compared to non-treated animals. Since the antigens injected into the mice came from non-treated parasites, this experiment shows that the immune system( humoral in this case) was equally stimulated directly.

So, there is no doubt concerning the preponderant action of the immune system.

Surtout il démontre et précise le mécanisme immunitaire :

Le taux de guérisons est fonction du temps d'irradiation et de la puissance de l'appareil.

Les anticorps contre le parasite s'élèvent de manière vertigineuse sous traitement.

Outre les taux d'anticorps, argument éloquent, d'autres expériences confirment l'implication du système immunitaire :

Après guérison, les souris résistent parfaitement à la réinfection par le parasite mais beaucoup moins à une souche différente. Et ceci toute leur vie. Il existe là aussi une action très spècifique.

L'injection d'une très faible quantité de sérum d'animaux traités à d'autres les protège contre l'infection.

L'action du champ nécessite sinon l'intégrité du moins un bon état immunitaire. Si on l'affaiblit par chimiothérapie ou si on s'adresse à des souriceaux au système immature, l'action est nulle ou incomplète.

L'irradiation des trypanosomes hors de l'organisme ne les affecte pas. Si ensuite on les injecte à la souris, l'infection produite est de même gravité.

De même on introduit sous la peau des souris des parasites enfermés dans un minuscule chambre imperméable aux anticorps de l'animal. Malgré l'irradiation les trypanosomes se multiplient normalement.

Autre type d'expérience menée avec le dernier appareil : si on traite par le "champ"des souris auxquelles on a préalablement injecté les seuls antigènes des parasites , elles développent un taux d'anticorps considérablement supérieur aux témoins. Cette expérience suggère - puisque les antigènes injectés viennent de parasites non traités - que le système immunitaire - humoral dans ce cas - a été également stimulé de manière directe.

Il n'existe donc aucun doute sur l'action prépondérante du système immunitaire.

The immune mechanism

The immune system is sensitive to antigens carried by the surface of the cellular membrane. These antigens are characteristic in an individual.

The immune system eliminates all elements which do not match exactly the « signs of recognition », wether it be an exterior element ( bacteria, virus, foreign body, …) or simply an abnormal element ( cancer cells ).

Among them there are small natural differences, differences linked to the ageing process or due to a tiny alteration and differences expressed by antigens which are equally different, and called minor. In order to avoid the destruction of the cell which carries them by the immune system, they are more or less dissimulated in the membrane’s coil.

As a rule, every cancer cell is eliminated as it carries abnormal antigens. However, within certain conditions, some cells escape this destruction because their abnormal antigens behave like minor antigens : therefore,they conceal themselves.

Priore stimulated or slowed down the immune system by radiation, which, on demand, increased or diminished the electric charge with enormous proteins on the surface of the membrane (see ph variations ).

Therefore, the importance of the distribution of their electric charge changes considerably the form of these proteins. So, we witness an upheaval of the membrane relief, a profound altering of the coils which make the abnormal antigens which hide in these coils, appear or disappear

In a favourable field, everything happens as if the membrane is flattened out revealing the antigens, lymphocites will melt on the cells and destroy them.

In a noxious field, the opposite happens : the system which didn’t see clearly the antigens, does not see them at all. The growth of the tumor races.

This theory explains perfectly Priore’s results. It is illustrated by the following experiment :

Animals belonging to the same lineage (parents-children ) are characterized by major identical antigens. Minor antigens express slight differences among them and are hidden well enough so not to arouse attention. We graft the skin of one of them onto the skin of another and vice versa Grafts are tolerated and they work.

After irradiation in a « favourable field », the same experiment rejected the graft :the minor antigens were revealed and the cells which carry them were destroyed. On the contrary, in a noxious field, some experiments concerning grafts among animals with very different characteristics ( you and your neighbour) are successful. The antigenic differences were kept hidden.

normal case : The antigen is slightly visible
noxius field : The antigen is invisible
favourable field : The antigen is totally revealed
nb. : In reality, there are millions of antigenic sites at the surface of the membrane.

Conclusion : the minor antigens were revealed by the favourable field and concealed by the noxious field.

To be totally understood we single out another theory which plays an equal part in stimulating the defense system by direct action on the immunocompetent cells.

The field acts by stimulating or by collapsing the ability to recognize the abnormal antigens, according to the field’s characteristics. This experiment shows this : we inject healthy animals which were previously treated by the « field », not by the parasites, i.e the trypanosome, but with their antigens only We witness a considerable

rise in antibodies compared to the non-treated animals. Is it about a mechanism which directly stimulates certain lymphocites ? Is it about an alteration of the configuration of the antigenic sites which have been injected ?

These two mechanisms(probably complementary) should be studied in future experiments.

C - The regeneration effect

Priore’s field (let us remember that the studies were done in a favourable field) greatly improved the quality of the animals’ skin and hair. This regeneration effect is particularly well illustrated by a rabbit which was infected by the parasite The rabbit developped a chronic disease which affected in particular its testicles. They become rotten to such an extent that the slightest movement could tear Under the microscope advanced necrosis could be seen with sperm stopping being produced.

At this stage, prolonged exposure to radiation ( ten hours a day) leads to not only curing of the illness, but testicles’ reconstitution and the production of sperm which is perfectly normal. Many offspring of young rabbits are the irrefutable evidence.

These repairing functions are unique to a system which is different to the immune system even if there are similarities . It is a very interesting general effect and we can ask ourselves whether the anticancer and antiinfection effects of the fields are not a particular case of a much more general mechanism aiming to maintain the health of the organism called « conservation of the self ».

3 - Factors which influence the biological effects in the favourable field

Clearly, the noxious field doesn’t have the same therapeutic interest and it hasn’t been studied thoroughly.

Physical factors

So, under the lamp there is an intense impulsive field linked to the bombardment of high speed ions on the inferior face of the tube. These impulses which contain the micro wave information lead to a persistent polarization of the big molecules of the cellular membrane and particularly of some surface proteins, by sommation or by piezo-electric effect.

This polarization is (have we already seen) responsible for the direct effect and of for the induced effects It has a short remanence. The effect of the treatment is thus porportional to the duration of exposure and to the energy of the impulses( the power of the apparatus).

There is a cumulative effect with a threshold, under which nothing happens, then a proportional effect to the time and power of the apparatus.

This important observation perhaps explains the failure of similar treatments applied for only a few minutes a day For the vast majority of experiments, the animals are irradiated over several hours (up to 10/12 hours) daily.

The necessity of a proportional power to the weight of the subject being treated explains the huge dimensions of the latest apparatuses.

Some metrical frequences lead to increased absorbtion of this energy (resonance).

Priore used to test them empirically on the basis of those usually employed in medical diathermy, i.e.between 1 and 30 megahertz.

The length of wave of the high frequency emission is the only important parameter when an impulsive field is established. Different apparatuses have been used, mainly those which are the object of the 1962 diploma.

Cures of cancer have been obtained at 21 megahertz, but also at 3, 3.5, 16, and 42 megahertz. Undoubtedly, other cures will have been made. Infections are treated at around 17.5 megahertz or within a more narrower range.

Some models are only slightly sensitive. Remember that experiments within the infectious field have been done with a different apparatus to those used to study cancer.

The exact role of micro waves still remains unclear.They seem of secondary importance in the latest apparatuses. Their frequence is not critical and it mainly influences their depth of penetration.This frequence is fixed for the majority of experiments , 9.8 gigahertz is generated by a « radar ».

These strong impulses ( 40kw) are almost totally absorbed by the plasma which gives back a tiny part of it.The energy measured when it comes out is incredibly weak : 10 micro watts maximum for an average power by cm° and cures have been recorded from 1 micro watt/ cm° !(these measurings were done at University). And, moreover, it concerned mice. As for humans, such a supply of energy would be of an informative nature only.

As far as the magnetic field is concerned, it’s not essential but it does improve the efficiency, by improving the fields concentration.

You could say it plays a facilitating role when it comes to tissues.

All these elements taken into account separately, have a minimal action.

This mysterious « half-belt » of frequences which has caused endless research, the Graal of Priore’s successors, don’t exist….. !And this used to make him laugh a lot.

Biological factors : main experiments

All the below-mentioned experiments were done in a « favourable » field.

1 - The cultures of cancer cells : the speed of their growth depends on the colony of the cell which is used. Some of them don’t seem sensitive. Anyway, the growth is not stopped totally and the direct action of radiation is not the essential mechanism.

2 - Ten or so varieties of tumors wher used : they killed animals within a month.

Solid tumors are represented by a uterine tumor ( epithelioma).

The limp tissues tumors and those of the immune system are among the most frightening. It is a matter of lymphoms, sarcoms, lymphosarcoms, fibrosarcoms,…

Under these names frightening cancers are hidden and some of them are closely connected to the cancers of the immune systems in humans, for instance, leukemias.


The results are identical whatever the type of the inoculated or spontaneous tumor. The conferred immunity is long lasting. The cancer process does not restart even in the long term.The animal rejects all new attempt for the tumor to return.

The immunity is very specific : if after the healing of a tumor, we transplant a tumor of a different type, it develops normally. This specificity is of great importance. It indicates to us that it is not about a blind stimulation of the body’s defenses, but we talk with a better understanding of the abnormal antigens carried by the cellular membrane.This specificity is illustrated by the studies done on transplants : normally an organ transplant between two animals of the same lineage ( mother and daughter, for instance) is accepted. Or, if the grafted animal undergoes the action of the Priore’s field, it rejects the graft.

This is the proof that its immune system was able to recognize the minimal antigenic differences among the cells of the tranplanted organ and those of the animal. Thus, we can explain the recognition of the abnormal antigens expressed very weakly by the tumor. In the case of the animals treated and healed of a given tumor, the immune system memorizes the antigenic characteristics of this tumor, but it doesn’t remember those of another variety to which it hasn’t been exposed.

The treatment is totally harmless.The general state of the animals is excellent, their hair is splendid.They no longer suffer.The reproduction function is not affected : healed rats( and even rabbits weighing 5 kilos) have perfectly healthy offspring : some of them are followed through until the third generation.

3 - action on infections

The chosen model is the trypanosom, agent of the sleeping disease which destroys the African herds. It is a kind of syphilis in the animals which kills mice within a few days.Thus, this model is more difficult than that of the cancer. It allowed very demonstrative experiments (hundreds of experiments !) to study the response of the immune answer.

Pautrizel and his collaborators showed irrefutably the implications of the immune system to explain the radiation effects. It is about a humoral immunity, i.e. It calls on antibodies mainly

Like in the case of anticancer cellular immunity, the animal is immunised on a long term basis, but only when faced with the parasite it has been infected by.

In the case of the syphilis,the ideal frequence HF is about 17 megahertz. Here, also, the micro wave frequence is not critical. Like for tumors, the action depends on the power and on the duration of the treatment.

4 - human remissions and healings

There are numerous cases concerning many pathologies which involve the immune system.

Obviously, this is only an enumeration of cases and not a scientific experiment. In this accumulation of testimonies some have been hystologically proven which is disturbing. Many hospital doctors (among them the regional president of doctors) are conviced of this and have courageously published particular cases they have dealt with.

A chapter is devoted to the parallels made between other apparatuses producing impulses of high tension. Some of the doctors obtained very good results, spectacular cures made in hospital. And even before the war !

These are out-of-date techniques, they have marvellously adapted to biological action. They have the advantage of constructing them more easily, they can be reproduced without any major difficulty. It is a pity that, by lack of interest within the medical world, they had been poorly used, fallen into disuse or recuperated by some enlightened persons