The fantastic story of Antoine Priore



During 25 years, between 1950 and 1975, he cures all incurable cancers in animals, from mice until dogs thanks to the extraordinary appliances of his invention, called for revolutionizing the cancerology.

Many tests on man were successful, with the decrease and sometimes with the disappearance of the tumour.

There is a worrying fact, the adjustments are very delicate and some modifications lead to worsen the cancer.

The majority of these treatments, realized in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and with the hospitals of Bordeaux, sometimes with the Academy of Sciences, consist of a powerful radiation of electromagnetic waves whose features are known only by him. Refusing to deliver the instructions of his apparatus, his stunning results will release the most virulent « polemic » since Pasteur in the scientific and medical world.

In all his life, Priore tried to increase the power of his appliances in order to improve their efficiency.

Supported by the most renowned scientists, he got some enormous state and industrial credits (more than twenty million franc~3 million dollar) to finalize a machine permitting to validate his results in an unquestionable way. Unfortunately, he used this amount for the construction of a last apparatus with technologically limited possibilities. An apparatus with such a power that it would be able to cure any incurable human tumour or illness.

Priore and Pr Pautrizel under the bottom face of the apparatus

(very partial View of “ The Machine”: a monster of two floors!! )

Refusing all collaborations in order to protect his « secrets », he succeeds however in constructing a huge « generator » inaugurated by the Prime Minister, J. Chaban-Delmas.

Several members of the Institute Pasteur (with a Nobel Price) could test it out with success and confirm the extraordinary possibilities of the apparatus.

By lack of reliability, this appliance blew up some weeks later. None wants to finance his researches any more. Priore, bitter, dies some years later…

The laboratory of A. Priore in the 60's
Antoine PRIORE (The first tests) How could we imagine applications of such stranges machines ?

The arrival in Bordeaux

1943 : By the time the Second World War is over, a young Italian prisoner is transferred to a huge submarine basis in Bordeaux by the German authority. He is thirty years old. His name is Antoine Priore. He is radioelectrician.

Born in Trieste in 1912, he has a diploma in radio electricity with the level of a good technician, as his time knew how to do it : few theory and an immense « know how ».

During the war, in 1942, appointed to a station of radar and transmissions in the Italian Navy, he notes that oranges being exposed to electromagnetic fields of his emitters do not go mouldy : that will be his fundamental experience!

From this time, he tries to reproduce these results to construct an appliance, which is able to preserve fruits and vegetables. In these times the refrigerator was an almost unknown stuff.

In this way, an Italian Prisoner, remembers Priore, submits several vegetables to different currents-without any success.

In captivity he was appointed to the demagnetisation of submarines by enormous electric fields. Later, he will draw out of it some elements for his theories.

Some weeks before the liberation, he escapes thanks to the information of a superintendent friend and takes part in the liberation struggles with the resistance from which he will keep some strong and useful friendships with policemen, politicians and with members of the army.

Soon, he finds two jobs, one in repairing radios and another as a projectionist. Because of his work he doesn’t have much spare time to finalize some different inventions, liable to convert them into cash. In spite of this fact, we can find marks of a protection system for the TSF stations; an automatic system for the headlights of a car « verifying the theory of the possibility of light waves » !!, an automatic siren to warn the driver who is unable to hear well, without mentioning a control of tire pressure with changeable resistance etc.

This list of finds for an improbable posterity can make us smile, in any case it testifies an original and fertile mind. A journalist says : « Mr Priore is continuously fixed on something concrete ; as soon as finds a next principle he searches for its immediate application ; unlike Poincarre, a relentless theorist, Mr Priore discovers and applies at the same time, turning always to the concrete. » Priore against Poincarre ! Beyond the enthusiasm of the reporter appears an exceptional pragmatism of the inventor, constantly overlooking his theoretical misery.

First tests

His experience in preserving oranges obsesses him. Day after day, in the small workshop of his employer, also in the room he rents, he puts together the equipments he found in the flourishing surplus shops of the post-war period. He wants to make an apparatus to preserve food, based on a mixture of electromagnetic waves.

Dr Marfaing, his physician, dates his results around 1948-1950 : » Once at night he called me : he was dancing with excitement and showed me a perfectly preserved piece of meat. » So, with his rudimentary appliance he is able to kill the mould that is the origin of rotting. He multiplies the tests on different foodstuffs and points out that the state of preservation of treated vegetables and meat is exceptional even several months after the treatment. This fact can’t be explained only by the destruction of micro-organisms. The « waves » act on the living tissues. From the meat of the butcher until human beings there is only one step…quickly covered.

Immediately , Priore starts to treat illnesses of his family and friends with a certain success. Soon, he cures patients coming « just in case… » because of the helplessness of the medicine( we are in the after-war period, in the 45-50’s, the first antibiotherapies start, the medical technique is uncertain, people lack everything). His reputation extends.

Firsts contacts

In 1949 his superintendent friend, Durand(who helped him to escape)meet him again on the occasion of a different with his landlady. Being attracted by his inventions, he presents Priore to his colleagues as well as to many acquaintances he maintains because of his functions and his past. The importance of this link, which unites the two «brother of arms» and the prestige of the resisters, surpass all social positions. All this explains the incredible support that Priore had enjoyed since this time.

While his work begins (1949-1950), his scientific culture is poor, he speaks an incomprehensible French-Italian language, and this humble radio repairer from the suburbs of Bordeaux succeeds in winning the highest authorities of the city-alerted by Durand-over his cause. Noteworthy and as powerful as undone…

Thus, around 1950, in the circle of the young mayor, hero of the resistance J. Chaban-Delmas and with his agreement, servicemen of high ranks, the members of the town council, the chief of the PJ in person are easily convinced of the value of his work and use their powerful influences to appeal the competent men to help.

Dr Fournier, Priore’s physician gives the elements of a biological basis, the veterinary of the slaughterhouses of the city offers him free access to make experiments on animals. Both of them are so impressed by his results that they join to the precedents to intervene with the physicians of the anticancerous hospital of Bordeaux.

In this time Priore, pride of his first success in the local press, declares his first interpretation of the cancer : « electronical disturbance of blood », with a sceptical look on the classical therapeutics, he explained the action of his apparatus by « an electronical bombing of 1-6 million electron-volt, carried by the magnetic waves and the effect of that is the re-establishment of the electric and magnetic disturbances of the cancerous cell. » (In fact, Priore never knew what happened in his « machines » but he knew how to adjust them in order to get the best results.)

The cancerologists-sceptical but not able to escape from such solicitations- advise Priore to create cancers in rabbits !!, in application of his theories( what he will attempt to do without any success in 1952).

Dr Blanquet, Delmon and Biraben give him some mice with different fearsome tumours : the T8 resists all treatment.

Dr Blanquet remembers to bring animals at Priore’s house in Floirac in the suburbs (after his settling in 1954). Not without hesitation ! After his memories, the results were much better than those ones achieved in hospitals ( hospitals with electrological service, herited by a tradition of Bordeaux at the end of the 19th century) but not really convincing. Then deliveries became less frequent. Delmon is advised to follow the affaire from far… Priore keeps trying to get animals with tumours from the anticancer center of Villejuif. In vain. Then, he has a shady period until 1960, during that he can’t officially demonstrate his results.

The period of shadows and maturation 1952-1960

During this fertile period he takes advantage of curing many animal cancers-in particular tumours of teats of dogs and cats- and of treating human patients. The determination of the combinations of frequencies to use is also a huge experimental work.

The adjustments essentially are done on plants (tulips, citrus fruits, asparaguses…), which are dried out or developed by Priore himself. He makes « all azimuths » tests in order to test the power of his apparatus- good or bad- and works on eggs, microbes, wine(reaction on fermentation, ageing), milk…With the help of volunteers and with the active support of the town hall, Priore imagines more and more complicated and more and more efficient appliances, variances of an unchangeable basis which remains-until there is only a short time- his « secret ».

It is a period of an intense activity, during that he benefits from some unimaginable help of our present society: the EDF « forgets » his readings or sends him a bill of a simple domestic consumption while his appliances become monstrous devourers of energy. Many firms, providers of the town hall, are invited to bring their help in nature-while he is gracefully realizing some complicated pieces. At night the military warehouses discreetly bring out some sophisticated equipments for broadcasting with the agreement of some important persons in charge(the general De Benedetti, chief of the health services of the Army). Even the regional director of social insurances covers these treatments ! He has only one requirement : »It is necessary that the sheets of medical attention and the prescriptions of the physicians working with Priore mention :Free Act. »

Ten years later it is the National Health Service of Gironde who rents offices for him.

His reputation grows : he welcomes some prestigious patients from the circle of the Mayor of Bordeaux(and so the Mayor himself, several times-as some witnesses assert).

His « electric treatment » is mentioned by the influent milieu of the region and soon in Paris too.

Then, after his patients of the district, his modest laboratory can see patients of the higher society of Aquitaine-sometimes recommended by their physician- most of them with incurable illnesses such as cancers at terminal stadium, multiple sclerosis…etc.

In the rare written archives we can find some reports of microscopic examinations that proves that Priore also cured cancers of a curable stadium by the classical therapeutic. With incontestable success: so many unexpected reductions, sometimes recoveries and all this is testified by several histological reports, a constant and considerable improvement of the general state of health and a considerable reduction of pain. The testimonies are all unanimous!

Parallel with his work, a deepened research is done by several physicians, « providers » of Priore as DR Fournier ( he dedicates his few leisure time for this). He gives the biochemical basis of the radiant effects (it can act mainly with some enzymatic processes) and provides a coherent explanation for the therapeutic effects as harmful effects.

Thirty years later, after a long investigation, a suitcase reappeared in an attic of an usher, gifted with foresight.

1960-1966 : The success of the official experiments

1 - Fundamental experiences of the cancerologists of Bordeaux.

Thanks to the improvement of his appliances, the city speaks only about « the Italian who cures the cancer ». From time to time, Priore gets rats having cancer of a too important stadium to be cured which did not allowed him to adjust his « machines ». The anticancerous center lays down the arms to the insistence of the Mayor and accepts to make some serious experiments. Dr Delmon an Biraben insures the control.

They graft the incurable tumour T8 in three series of rats. This tumour kills the animals in three weeks only ! The first serie dies, the second was treated by x-rays and dies at the same time, the third is treated by Priore fifteen days after the inoculation ; the implanted tumour is already very developed. Results : the tumour grows three times less fast and the rats survive three times longer !

The physicians are intrigued by the generally good state of health of the animals and by the fact that they do not seem to suffer despite their slow agony. All patients, treated by Priore, feel much better and are almost without any pain. Then they start new experiments in treating rats earlier, from the seventh day instead of the 14th. Astonishment !

They are all cured! Biraben notes : »If we make biopsy on the grafted tumour some days after the treatment, some cancerous cells stay alive. If we graft them in untouched rats the tumours do not develop. It happens as if they lost all their cancerous characters ».

Priore makes sure that on the contrary, he can accelerate the death of animals with changing his adjustments. And he succeeds ! These experiments will be repeated with success on more than 300 rats.

Enthusiasm! Exaltation! A project of scientific publications associated Priore with the anticancerous center! A special teaching chair is created! An institute! For Priore! Delmon and Biraben will be the directors! A press conference takes place at the town hall! Priore who is surrounded by physicians, presents his work, illustrated by several photos, films and microscopical negatives. If the « big public » is enthusiastic, the big chiefs of the hospitals and of the anticancerous center are less. The results are too beautiful. A mouse is not a human being and they are not there to judge the results of Priore on clandestine patients. One of them however suggests Priore to treat about twenty cancerous patients from his own service. His administration refuses it.

And then, this strange Italian immigrant with small baggage, succeeds alone there where the best big laboratories failed. The backstage of the cancerology is cluttered by some genius autoproclaimers who pretend to detain this universal panacea.

Their carefulness can be explained by the behaviour of the inventor who refuses all indication on his method, by his incomprehensible gibberish, by his smoky theories and his total scientific anti-culture.

2 - Cancerologists from Paris come to rescue.

During several years none wants to be involved. Under the great pressure of the public opinion and of its municipal relay, Dr Delmon and Biraben are advised to retire so Priore calls for the cancerologists of the anticancerous center of Villejuif, the French reference in the subject, especially Pr Guerin, father of the implanted tumour the T8, and Pr Riviere.

He will dedicate several years in full time for doing these experiments again and again with the same incredible results.

We must note that this work was accomplished by some official teams of physicians and cancerologists in the laboratories of Bordeaux. Priore only took care of his appliances.

Schematically there are two types of cancers: the solid tumours (ex :lungs) and tumours with a soft tissue (leukaemia).

The first serie of experiments concerns rats with the solid tumour, called T8, for which there is no treatment. It confirms the work made in Bordeaux some years earlier. The definitive recovery of the tumour and its metastases, without recidivism, is better if the treatment begins earlier (the tumour is smaller).

The length of the treatment and its power are determinative which suggests a cumulative effect. The cured animals reject all trying of another implantation of the same tumour. But they succumb to the implantation of a different tumour. Like a vaccine, the treatment conferred a special immunity.

The second serie concerns an even more dangerous tumour :a sarcoma. It kills the rat in fifteen days with monstrous metastases associated with a type of leukaemia. The result is also stunning: A complete cure of the tumours, their metastases and the leukaemia. The previous data are confirmed: the rate of recovery depends on the mass of the tumour, the length of the treatment and the power of the appliance. Here too a lasting immunity prevents to make a new graft. As a precaution, the experiment is started by another team…that gets the same success…and restarted one year later with an improved apparatus. A success again but with new criterions of the power and the length of the exposure. The same cures happen again in the same conditions with mice having other types of cancers ( lymph sarcoma, a type of leukaemia). If the topic were not so serious we would shiver because of the banality.

At least ten types of tumours are studied over more than a thousand of animals.

Summary : some of the best French cancerologists and also the president of the Academy of Sciences proved that the appliances of Priore can manage to stop the awful cancers resisting to all therapy.

Working without constraints, they verified their results on hundreds of animals. They established the importance of the intensity of radiance and the length of the treatment. These ones will be the subject of several communications in front of the Academy of Sciences, presented by its president himself :Pr Courrier. The same script happens again: a man alone can’t succeed there where the world of science failed. Most of the members refuse to ratify the communications. An extraordinary media storm starts, comparing Priore to an « impostor of the cancer » and the cancerologists to someone who prefers galore, foolished by a swindler.

There is a very important fact : Priore refuses to unveil his method. He can’t do it. In 1965 he is unable to understand what happens in his extraordinary complicated « machines ». His preposterously constructed theories to explain his results collapse. He thought to generate a type of x-rays and with all his effort he tries to increase their power of penetration.

Despite his certainties he does not take out any special radiance of his “machine but a dark mixture of short waves. To understand this exceeds his possibilities.

Formerly, he carelessly moved forward to defy the science with his smoky theories. He knows that it does not forgive him this audacity. His only asset to maintain the restraint of his appliance is his adjustment. This one needs some simple tricks, without the machine does not make any effect. He can perfectly indicate his way of proceeding but his interpretation of the internal functioning can make him ridiculous. He knows it too.

He has only one certainty and it concerns the size: his fantastic results on the cancer. Priore keeps some “hot” partisans next to him, especially from Bordeaux who made experiments with him.

Soon the scientific, medical and media world is divided between “anti” and “pro”, impostors or geniuses.

We are in 1965, Priore have accumulated some phenomenal successes for fifteen years but he becomes discouraged in the construction of the fabulous machine of his dreams: powerful enough to cure men as easily as animals. The presentation of his work in front of the Academy would have been his consecration. And there was of what!

Things are accelerated.

In spite of the backwash, certain high governmental persons were convinced of the interest of such an interesting discovery. The Minister of Research calls him and orders a report for a commission of experts. They recommend the construction of an appliance for the anticancerous center of Paris. At the same time Priore gets proposals from several places, including abroad also. A big French firm signs a contract of collaboration (after request of one of its main shareholders who was treated and became impressed by Priore).

The echo of cures passes through the borderlines.

Some Englishmen come to work in Bordeaux! And such English! They belong to the biggest anticancerous center of England. They manage two series of experiments. First, they cure mice with spontaneous cancer (it is very important for the physicians. It concerns their own cancer and not an inoculated tumour.). The success is complete. The Englishmen are enthusiastic.

A second serie of tests is meant for the cultures of cancerous cells. Several varieties are treated.

The conclusion indicates a simple slowing down of their development; so the treatment is not able to kill directly the cells. We can notice however an increase of the apoptosis (it is a kind of volunteer suicide of the cell). But the fierce adversaries of Priore do not give it up. From reports to reports, commissions to commissions these influential men manage to break the ministerial willingness. Priore is an impostor that is all !

3 - The impeccable experiments of Pr Pautrizel.

A brightness professor of immunology appears in Bordeaux: R. Pautrizel. He has been interested in the topic since some time; he has his own idea of the biological mechanism. For him the radiance mainly acts on the stimulation of the defensive mechanism of the organism. He verifies his hypothesis with some experiments. In order to divert a storm, he convinces Priore to work some time on a model controlled by him: the agent of the sleeping sickness. It is a parasite called ”trypanosome” equiperdum” which is passed on by the tsetse fly. We call it trypanosome. It works havoc in the African herds not in Paris. Both of them think that putting in evidence the immunological mechanisms on an emotionally less charged model (two hundred thousand people die in cancer every year in France ) can be the way to cool down the debate. They work on it during ten years.

At the same time, a stormy collaboration starts with a very big firm of electrical constructions: the ETS LEROY-SOMMER. It lasts ten years and costs him ten million francs! During these years, thanks to state foundations, to the investments of his industrial partners and to the sum collected by Pautrizel, Priore makes a serie of more and more powerful appliances.

Pautrizel and his collaborators realize hundreds of experiments with excellent protocols!! First he confirms the efficiency of the radiation in curing infected mice. This infection is explosive and leads incurably to death in four or five days. So, this model is much more difficult to kill than the cancer. Despite the numerous experimental successes nothing is done yet. Priore can’t be right! So he cheats! A commission is created in order to verify the experiments under the control of an usher. It contains about twenty members of the Faculty of Medicine. It imposes some extraordinary requirements. The success is complete. Instead of all that people are still sceptical…there must be a trick!

Four years are lost again.

However, Pautrizel goes on. He proves the narrow relation between the rate of cures and the accumulated dose of the radiation with infalsifiable experiments. With some physicists in charge of making a report for the government and for the army, he shows the importance of length of the hertzian waves: some act on the cancer, the others on the infection.

He puts in evidence the absence of direct effects on the parasites. They are absolutely insensitive to the radiation. It is really by a immunological mechanism that the organism can get rid of the abnormal cells, either cancerous, microbial or parasital.

In 1972 the physicists give back a favourable report to Priore (not without having tried to reproduce it in their laboratories, without any success), involving an important subsidy, thanks to the insistence of the Mayor of Bordeaux who meanwhile, became Prime Minister. He is sustained by E.Wolf, with a Nobel Prize, the glory of the French research who made successful experiments in the laboratory of Priore.

This official engagement of the state will release again some violent polemics in the scientific world. The French press is happy to declare “the impostor of the cancer” (1).

The foreign press makes it in the sarcasm while several laboratories of high level try to reproduce the effects. None succeeds.

(1)”Science & Vie” publishes a long, favourable and well-documented article on this topic, signed by P. Rossion.

4 - The last apparatus: monstrous !

Putting in place the enormous tube, the heart of the “machine”, through the roof of the building.

Now, Priore is sixty years old. He cured his first cancers twenty years ago. Such a lost time! He was forced in the name of the scientific reason to give up human cancer for the cancer of mice then to pass from the cancerous mice to mice being infected by an obscure African parasite…and always the doubt. His secret is irritating and harmful for him. His astounding results are his challenge! They are too beautiful. What if he gave his methods again?

There was not an important communication signed by some prestigious cardiologists of Bordeaux, stupefied by noting an extraordinary normalization of the cholesterol rate of rabbits specially fed with fat. There is now subsidy to construct a machine to do everything with! (In this time the role of the immune system in the arteriosclerosis was unknown.)

What did he get from these years of frustration? He is tired out. He decides to rush things and to reconsider the aim of his life: the cure of cancer. He risks everything, for the great displeasure of everyone, with giving up his contract, the construction of a reliable apparatus in order to start to realize a huge machine. It will be his last goal, his masterpiece, and his consecration. It will have three floors!

No more questions of mice. Only for the finalization or for the scientific demonstration, if it is really necessary. This fabulous machine should be powerful enough to treat even the most developed human cancers without failure.

He is sure of his success; he prepares already the plans and the specifications of a future factory of mass production in Bordeaux!!! His time is numbered so he is in a hurry. His diabetes becomes more important. His partners revolt. Doesn’t matter! They are not really able to construct an apparatus and specially to adjust it! So he makes it alone with the help of some agents, attached to the town hall. He orders the associated enterprises the pieces for his plan while cursing against all modifications, and he reserves the setting only for himself in order to preserve some characteristics. The engineer will never uncover the mystery despite all their effort.

At this point it was necessary to resolve to follow Priore. Evidently, the operation includes some huge difficulties, less for the setting of the monster but more for the realization of the enormous pieces, required by the power of the apparatus. He reached the technological limits, caused by the several failures and the bad reliability. All is excessive; the same apparatus that stood on a pedestal table in the 50’s (and cured already) now weighs fifty tons and has three floors. It contains several emitters of a type of radar and radio. Their waves are mixed in an enormous plasma lamp – a four meters high Pyrex cylinder- surrounded by an imposing “spool” which generates magnetic fields and weighs alone more than five tons. All is suspended. The miraculous radiation comes out through the bottom.

Priore succeeds his bet! He overcomes all the obstacles one after the other, stupefying his circle. We are in 1975. The machine is more powerful than ever and allows him to make immediately about forty experiments to show the superior efficiency of it- now he is able to cure mice even on the threshold of death! The mechanism of the action is authoritatively confirmed. It involves an intense stimulation of the immune system. The Pr Wolf (he has a Nobel Prize) makes successful experiments; he confirms the important increase of antibodies… Priore won!!…and the apparatus is the victim of a serious breakdown. The main emitter blew out. The sum asked for the repair will never be obtained because the requirements of the inventor make the partners exceed.

The industrialists lose hope to get back their funds and refuse all additional payment. The Ministry was already very careful and retires from the business under the gibes of the opponents forever. Even to save his machine Priore refuses to reveal its functioning. In spite of several negotiations the apparatus will never work again. The total investment is estimate to twenty million francs!

Plan in principle of the last apparatuses

During the years of the rest of his life, he keeps on hoping to repair it and at the same time he starts treating patients again thanks to his old apparatus. The improvements he gets attract nevertheless the attention of the “big bosses” of the hospitals of Bordeaux. One of them, the pr Courty will practise until today the functions of the regional president of the order of the physicians and we must salute here his courage.

A decision is taken in order to treat a dozen of incurable patients who are in the end of the evolution and resisted all treatments. They have nothing to lose. They are all volunteers. The power of the apparatus is enough to treat mice but not sufficient for the treatment of advanced cancers. In spite of all an unexplainable cure is obtained, the unexpected remissions, the melting of the ganglionic mass and in all cases a considerable improvement of the general state of health. These observations are the subjects of a report- alas! -that is refused by the Academy of Medicine.

Pr Pautrizel loses the management of his unity of research in this story. The INSERM ( the big public institute of medical researches ) considers that his activity turned to the profit of Priore.

The last cock a snook of the destiny, a convocation to ELYSEE arrives under the best auspices.

The militaries will take the things in hand. We are in February in 1981. Three months later the president falls, Priore falls again…definitively.

As a person who is seriously ill and angry against his relations, he breaks up with Pautrizel, his faithful companion. Then he stops his appliances, sends away his patients and closes himself again, hopelessly.

He dies in May 1983 being forgotten, the biggest revolutionary pioneer and therapeutic since Pasteur.

The research of the lost secret

Priore is dead so the main obstacle of the recognition of his discoveries disappeared. During several years, many specialists made directly or indirectly experiments on the apparatus. In the high administration and in the directorates of the Ministry several persons were able to go closer to the “machine”. None of the experts who once looked into this work had doubts about the value of the discovery. But before taking a risk of being ridiculous because of supporting the requirements of the inventor there is a rift that few were able to get over prudently.

Now, the way was open to make some rational experiments. This Italian technician made a fantastic discovery with lots of chance and not much money. None has doubts that a competent university team with important credits and with exceptional political supports is able to find the good adjustment that is the only serious difficulty.

As at least the main protagonists thought of this matter. And such protagonists! Several teams were formed like that.

Let’s forget for a while the innumerable crazy persons who are convinced that they understood everything after the first view. They are numerous to try to plagiarize even before the death of Priore. Some deals always severely with…we will speak about is later.

The industrialists were strongly engaged before, now they insist on – not without arguments – the property of the last apparatus, which is in the laboratory of the house of his widow. The necessary credit for the repair of the monstrous machine will never be obtained. (It is an estimate of 8,6 million francs which is addressed to Laurent Fabius three months after the death of Priore, thanks to P. Ribeau, the chief engineer of LEROY-SOMMER industry.)

Ribeau is really vexed to try in vain to reconstruct a more simple apparatus, the same type than the one he supervised the construction in the name of his enterprise. Priore did not let anything essential to filter out so the engineer was in a permanent struggle with the inventor. Limiting himself to reproducing the apparatus without knowing its functioning inside, the failure seemed to be sure. It was.

The trying of University of Bordeaux has much more possibilities.

Priore dies in 1983 when the region inherits some important financial prerogatives. And everybody knows the obtaining of the fantastic results. Some people among the highest persons in charge profited by the “treatment”. There is a unique fact we know, the attribution of an important regional subsidy is decided, confusing all political tendencies (two million francs twenty years ago! and the half of it is paid), thanks to an association of the low of 1901 where we can find some principle academic protagonists of the business.

Only for the anecdote, the president of the regional council in this time, Ph Madrelle delegated his young chief of the office, A. Rousset to sign the cheques of the subsidy…He is the president now and always a very hot partisan.

The intention is praiseworthy but risked if we think about the polemics that the matter already caused. In the stride another initiation is created by the Region at the Faculty of Sciences, an official structure to restart the study. It will be the PIOM ( center of the study of interactions in wave subject ). We can find in its management the physicists lately charged by the government to measure the apparatus of Priore-mainly professors at the University.

The team is full of physicists from Paris, the research of a future state secretary and important persons in charge ensure the relationship with the big statesmen (Pr Bader ex N°2 of the CNRS, very influent expert). The prominent persons of the scientific and industrial world of Bordeaux took part of the adventure and revolve round this core (let’s note the director of the “Aerospatiale”). Then the logistic support of the department of the atomic energy of which some members will be detached to full time.

Later, they are joined first by Ribeau who is tired of his failures, then by the remnants of the Pautrizel team, disappointed at not having any results of the amateurs who were occasionally supported by them

Twenty years later, despite the luxury of financial and human means: a complete failure. How could we get there?

The competitions

As always before the big stakes, some important rivalries appeared between the interest of industrialists, scientists, academicians, biologists and physicians, all regrouped around Pautrizel, etc… doubling this sharp conflict of the persons.

By another way, the comparison of the profusion of the means to that what Priore had in his possession for the finalization of his first appliances can give us an impression of easiness of a competent team. Too competent! This competence will be the cause of blindness as soon as the first failures arrive.

PRIORE : it is very simple

As a matter of fact Priore who wanted to preserve the control of his appliances, tried to complicate his explications in front of the scientists, qualified to understand the functioning. And they finish to believe that it is necessary to have a scholar of the dosage of the “waves”. He did not have the same attitude with certain intimates or with sure fellows since the first hour. With them he unbosomed himself.

“It is simple, it is so simple that I don’t understand why none was able to find out something so simple.”

Another favourite sentence: “They will never find it, it is so simple!” And the witnesses say that it made him laugh a lot.

Sometimes he is anxious: “My “trick” is so simple, so basic that if I speak too much any electronics specialist could make the same and my work will be lost.”

These are the speeches of Priore, repeated several times and the persons to whom they were said report them for us. They show the anxiety of the inventor face to the academic persons who are more qualified than him to expand his discovery if he would have uncovered the big lines of it…and the technical tricks.

Because, and this is secret of this topic, the discovery was not the fruit of an obscure theory (it was made only later to explain his results) but of a simple hypothesis that emerges to a technical trick. Chance or perseverance, one thing is sure: in 1950, the date of the first successes, Priore did not have any means in his possession to create a coherent reason for his find. On the contrary.

To be convinced, it is enough to listen to certain engineers (all dead now) how they were amazed by the basic questions of Priore.

With this (or these) technical trick none has doubts that some well-educated men can make better…and without him

A fantastic mistake of the interpretation

The University was never able to derive the main underlying in a complete appearance. They wanted to find a complicated solution for a simple thing that they were not able to understand. And that is human. If the searchers of great abilities are not able to go through the secret of Priore it is because this secret is extremely complicated!

By another way, if the qualification of these brilliant academics is indisputable, their field of competence – too theoretical- is not adapted to the comprehension of the functioning as Priore considered and put it in a concrete form

All the efforts are reported to a study of secondary aspects of the functioning by a fantastic mistake of the interpretation.

During twenty years people will try to perfectly reproduce the electrical signs, which were recorded during the measures some years earlier, without asking the question about what Priore really wanted to do. When will do it will be already too late. Witnesses are dead so there are no more memories Fifty years are gone since his first success.

First, in the meantime, after the failure of several attempts to reproduce the “machine” in different laboratories, even before the death of Priore, some people decide to study separately the different components of the radiation in order to determine the role and especially the influence of the magnetic fields of the radio waves or microwaves (the waves that Priore used are close to the frequency of our mobile phones) on different infections.

Without any results !

The "secret society"

A real science fiction, the finalization of this apparatus gather together the energy of all the horizon, the discreet financial means and all the supports of very high level. Until then the study of the radiation amounts to the different components and confirms the activity of several laboratories. The only (!) unknown seems to be at the level of the proportions of the cocktail and of the intermodulation (the mixture) of the waves. It is not disturbing at all.

Then the University leaves the marked way of the official science in order to start, in all illegality and with the money of the taxpayers, the construction of the mythical “machine of Priore” of what the inventor is considered as an impostor and swindler! Let’s imagine the titles of the special press he succeeds!

The clandestineness of this second phase imposes on everybody. The secret of the means and names of the prestigious members stays still jealously protected. Several defections and indiscreetness allows us to clear this mystery.

This apparatus itself is a faithful copy of the one of Priore. Even if it does not reach the dimensions of that, it looks very imposing. It contains an “plasma tube” for the first time, a complicated piece, essential for the mixture of the waves ,as the inventor says. After the failure in separating the different components, they choose to study the global action of the “radiation” with badly controlled characteristics but they hope to get information with the help of trials and errors.

The department of atomic energy delegates in full time one of its brilliant engineers when diverse enterprises, under the obligation of the department, lend their competence. Besides the evident facilities obtained by the University, some new credits are gotten by different ways ( contracts of studies, Ministry of the Research, EDF…etc).

Despite the years of hard work, they did not get any tangible result! Why?

The reason is multiple. Except the ones already noted, in particular the maladjustment of the competences and “the sin of pride”, let’s note:

- The will of isolation and secret leads to reject any original idea, as well as the ideas of physicians who know well this matter.

- Any study of the materials and the techniques of the medical electricity had been done since the beginning of the century and so Priore was really inspired to do it.

- There was no serious investigation to find eyewitnesses , the humbles who “wet their shirts” and to whom Priore tells his secrets of the principle in confidence because he trusts them.

- On the plan of the method there are two main reproaches:

The choice of the experimental pattern, the “trypanosome”. The infection is runaway and reacts only towards an apparatus of very high level.
It is a slightly adapted model for the trials; the model of the cancer was much better.

The lack of a clear leader idea concerning the conception and the functioning of the apparatus. They were satisfied with the reproduction of
the apparatus after the details they knew about it, with the variations of different parameters in particular the frequencies without an exact
idea of the result, counting on the guardian angel…

From report to report, from break down to break down, from disappointment to disappointment the best will pass over, the groups disperse, the budget becomes exhausted and…the sleeping partners are fed up.

Many years passed. At the faculty of Sciences in Bordeaux the existence of the “Machine” became an open secret. In their subterranean bunkers somewhere on the campus of the University, a last faithful cell is grouped around Pr VEYRET who establishes other engagements. He is not disappointed…

The solution of the enigma is on the way to succeed somewhere else, in a modest laboratory in the suburbs of Bordeaux…