Device's building
How to build devices - principles for construction of apparatus

Laboratory associative A.R.T.E.C.

Principles of construction result from the survey and findings of the chapter " technical aspects" and of the occult testimony crosscheck in the immediate setting of Priore.

The Priore effect is double according to the features of the radiance. Consequently, the experimental devices must permit to make appear the two effects.

Let us remember the sentences of Priore "it is simple, very simple, I don't understand why no one has finds something of such simplicity ; if I say a simple word any electronician would build the same device"... He tooke a lot of pain to hide his discovery. The second reason of the equipment complexity is the necessary power for an human's treatment. The third reason is the will to improve results by mixing some frequencies UHF, HF, BF to accumulate their respective effects.

The aim of equipments is not the treatment ( for the cure of any cancer, apparatus must deliver a sufficient power) but demonstrating the double Priore effect with reliable and reproducible manner by equipments as simple as it's possible. Because any therapeutic test being governs by the strict rules, it is necessary to turn toward the veterinary medicine ( parameters only defer by the power of radiance function of the weight of the animal) .

The possible realizations while using one, two or three frequencies of modulation and especially the type of this modulation (that was the real secret of Priore) made the object of a deepened reflection , of prototypes and résultats. Priore's principles understanding permits to conceive devices with or without plasma tube for various biologic experimentation types. The utilization of trade material (after necessary adaptation) permits an enormous economy. Finally, studies will also carry thus on the biologic effects in " harmful field", contributory to the understanding of the deleterious effects of certains electric fields on the environment and health.

Diagrams of principle, elementary installations and commentaries are available close to the A.R.T.E.C laboratory under conditions of seriousness and active collaboration.

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